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Data Upload Configuration Guide


This guide will walk you through the process of configuring the uploading process to seamlessly integrate your instrument and upload datasets according to your specific requirements.

You can find a more detailed definition of the following LOGS content here


Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  1. Access Credentials: Make sure you have admin permissions on the instrument PC.

  2. Instrument Documentation: Gather information about the instrument name, measuring method, data directory, additional equipment used, and experiment name.

  3. Network Connectivity: Ensure that your instrument has a reliable network connection to communicate with the LOGS server.

Steps to Connect a New Instrument

Step 1: Add Measuring Method

  1. Navigate to the Measuring Methods under More:Content:Measuring Methods to view a list of predefined methods.

  2. If your method does not exists, click Add method and fill in relevant information.

  3. Click Create to save the new method.

Tip: Use short abbreviations as the method name and a more descriptive name as the full name.

Step 2: Add Experiment (optional)

  1. Navigate to the Experiments under More:Content:Experiments to view a list of predefined methods.

  2. Click Add experiment, enter the name of the experiment and choose the corresponding measuring method.

  3. Click Create to save the new experiment.

Step 3: Add Instrument

  1. Navigate to the Instrument Configuration under More:Content:Instruments.

  2. Create a new Instrument by using Add instrument.

  3. Fill in all relevant information. Chose an existing method or create a new one by clicking Add method. You will find a list of all methods under More:Measuring methods.

  4. Click Create to save the new instrument.

Step 4: Configure Data Bridge

  1. Navigate to the Data Bridge Configuration under More:Data Import:Bridges.

  2. Create a new bridge by clicking Add bridge.

  3. Download the bridge client for the OS of the instrument PC.

  4. Install the bridge client by extracting the archive and running the installer.

  5. Follow the instructions of the Bridge setup wizard.

For more information, refer to

Step 5: Test Connection

  1. Navigate to the list of datasources that are connected to your LOGS server under More:Data import:Data sources.

  2. Click on one data source to see the connection details.

  3. Verify the connection between the instrument and the LOGS server by clicking Check connection.

  4. Perform a test upload by clicking Trigger data fetching.


You have successfully connected your new instrument to the LOGS server and configured the upload process to meet your specific needs. If you encounter any issues or have additional customization requirements, please contact us via the Help Center.

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